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Mellow All Levels Hatha, 75 min

Close your day with a mellow, gentle to intermediate hatha yoga asana. Come and let the single focus on mind, body and breath take us to a calm and peaceful place.

Sink Into Stillness Yin Yoga, 60 min

The perfect end to the day... A meditative and slower paced class with an ocean view setting. Yin practice involves holding poses for longer periods of time aiming to increase circulation and flexibility. A new theme will be offered every week.

Power Yoga Challenge, 60 min

Looking for added intensity in your yoga practice? Get ready to pick up the pace in this sweaty class that focuses on endurance and strength building poses. We will explore arm balances, inversions, deeper lengthening/opening postures and more!   (This is a level 2/3 class, Intro to Power Pre-Requisite or minimum 2 years Yoga experience, please contact Jenny for questions.)

Flow Core Yin Yoga, 60 min

A Yang to Yin class - we will begin with a 20 minute moderately paced flow practice, 20 minutes of Pilates based core movement, and move into 20 minutes of more passive yin holds and poses.


Svaroopa ® Yoga - Basic & Continuing, 90 min

In Svaroopa ®Yoga we say support equals release. Rest into the support of blankets or blocks to allow the release of deeply held tensions. Decompressing the spine from tailbone to top and creating opening on all levels of your Being.

The focus of this 6 week session will be lower spinal release and its effects. You will learn a breathing practice and several spinal sequences that will assist you in maintaining and deepening the openings. Our small classes allow for individual attention.

SVAROOPA and EMBODYMENT are registered servicemarks of STC, Inc used under license

Basic Svaroopa ® Yoga, 60 min

For those that find the traditional 90 minute Svaroopa ® class fatiguing, Eschara also offers this class in a slower paced 60 minute format. This class will be for those who would benefit from a shorter, slower paced class. Suitable for those who experience mobility limitations and fatigue, but are able to manage getting down to the floor. True to Svaroopa ® tradition, students  can expect to be guided into a supported rest by the support of blankets and blocks allowing deep held tensions to release. Decompressing the spine from tailbone to top and creating opening on all levels of your Being.

SVAROOPA and EMBODYMENT are registered servicemarks of STC, Inc used under license



All Levels Hatha Yoga, 75 min

All levels are encouraged to join us at Hope Bay Studio every Saturday at 9:30am.

Ever wonder what Yoga is about or thought "I should try Yoga"? Then this class is for you! All levels are welcome in this Hatha class where working evenly, with deliberate breath and attention to your body in every pose, is the focus. We'll introduce you to the fundamentals and basic principles of yoga

Best of Both Worlds Class, 60 min

The absolute best of both worlds! Can't decide if you're in the mood for a core-focused Pilates class or a flowing yoga class that allows you to release and stretch? Then this is the class for you! Guaranteed to give you the muscle and mind release you crave in a yoga class, balanced with the core work you can only get from a Pilates class.


Fundamentals of Yoga, 75 min

In this class we will start with the foundation, focusing on the details and fundamentals of Yoga and the core poses.

Often yoga classes are large with such mixed levels of experience and ability, that it can be difficult to focus on detail and such things as: alignment, safely getting in and out of poses, benefits of poses, breath, and modifications. We will move slowly and methodically through poses while still getting a nice well rounded grounding and beneficial asana class.

 This class is good for beginners starting out, but also the experienced yoga practitioner,  as it is sometimes good for us to go back to the beginning, relearn or perhaps learn things we may have missed or forgotten, all in all, strengthening our practice, understanding and foundation.