power yoga November/December 2016

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Power Yoga Level 2/3

Join us for our next progressive power yoga session! We will take a closer look at the specific principles and breath of the Ashtanga practice. Focus will be on developing stability, strength and flexibility in order to prepare for a full primary series Ashtanga practice. We will continue to  explore arm balances, inversions, deeper lengthening/opening postures and more!   

(This is a level 2/3 class, Intro to Power Pre-Requisite or minimum 1 year Yoga experience, please contact the studio for questions.)

the studio missed progressive class policy

It is intended that progressive classes are attended regularly but we understand that things come up! If you are unable to make your progressive class, you are able to make up as many as 2 classes within your session dates and with the same instructor. If you have any questions or have a special circumstance you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact us <3