jenny pilates

Mat Pilates Level 1/2, 60 min

A Mat Pilates class that focuses on flowing movement while developing and maintaining core strength and stability. A perfect fit for anyone that is new to Pilates or currently practices at a beginner to intermediate level. Individual focus and modifications will be offered to ensure that each participant learns the Pilates principles and progresses into a practice that leaves them feeling stronger and more energized every day.

Progressive Intermediate Pilates, 60 min

A Mat Pilates class that builds on existing knowledge of the core Pilates principles and occasionally incorporating stability balls and props. Pace and core coordination is increased in this intermediate Pilates class. Previous Pilates instruction is recommended. Please contact Jenny for any questions.


Best of Both Worlds Class, 60 min

The absolute best of both worlds! Can't decide if you're in the mood for a crazy-core-focused Pilates class or a flowing yoga class that allows you to release and stretch? Then this is the class for you! Guaranteed to give you the muscle and mind release you crave in a yoga class, balanced with the core work you can only get from a Pilates class.